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Youth Support Workers

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How we can support students and whanau 

  • We listen and help guide in the right direction if we can not tend to it ourselves​

  • We create opportunities for students in and out of school

  • We are a safe space for students to come to, and be heard

  • We find solutions where possible for any issues that they may need help with

  • We help in any way that we can


What we do in the school 

​We are kind, caring, fun people who will always endeavour to your needs. We love getting to know our students and whānau and will always help out where we can.

Our students are our number one priority and we provide a safe, welcoming  and inclusive environment for all.


How we prefer students and whānau to get in touch

​Whānau and students can email us by clicking on the email box:


Students & Whānau can also….

Call Lenka 09 2784086 ext 768

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