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School Values

Celebration of Diversity

The multicultural mix of our students and inclusion of students with special needs provides a unique and special opportunity to learn about each other from each other in a supportive and positive way

Community Spirit

Our school is a community within a community and it is important that we all play our part in promoting a sense of belonging and a caring attitude.

Continual Improvement

We constantly seek ways to improve all aspects of the things we do at Papatoetoe High School.


An attitude of “we not me” is fostered.


Our expectation is for all people in the school to be honest, trustworthy and ethical.

Learner Motivation

Learning is to have a high priority for all students and staff, who are encouraged to be self-motivated and life long learners.


It is important that we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of past and present students and staff.


We place importance on showing respect for others, their property, the school’s facilities and reputation.

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