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 Cultural Groups

You can learn important things when you join a cultural group.  You can learn new skills and share your culture or that of another country.


Sign-ups for cultural groups are called for in the daily notices; students can go to the  KAMAR app to  view the daily notices. Parents can view them via the parent portal.  

In term one cultural groups meet regularly to prepare for dance performances. 


The Arts and Culture Co-ordinator or the Arts and Culture Leaders will be happy to talk to you about any of the cultural groups in school.  

If a Cultural Group you wish to participate in is not available, you can  start your own one. Talk to the Arts and Culture Co-ordinator to find out what you need.

Cultural groups at PHS

Kapa Haka

Fijian Group

Indian Group

Niuean Group

Punjabi Group

Samoan Group

Tongan Group

Japanese Group

Korean Group

Vietnamese Group

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