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Clubs & Groups


Sign-ups for clubs and groups are called for in the daily notices which will be read every day during form time or can be viewed on the KAMAR app.  


Clubs and Groups at PHS

Enviroment Group


Spoken Word Poetry

Art Club

50 Cents Craft Club

Student Librarians

Amnesty International

Fundraising Group

Youth Health Club

Key Club

Model United Nations Assembly

Robotics Club

Speech Club

Duke of Edinburgh 

Events Committee


Top Squad



Whaitake Warriors

Environment Group
Come and join an awesome bunch in the Environment Group. We plant trees and veggies, take part in the annual Trees for Survival planting day, clean up our stream, make things grow, take care of our beehives, look after our worm farms, pruning our fruit trees in the orchard, learn HEAPS and make cool friends. We have awesome teachers helping out as well.
See Mr Weldschidt or Mrs Hart in Science


Papversity Group
Papversity Group celebrates, supports and empowers diversity within PHS. LGBTQIAA+ friendly and more. 
See Mr Mariner in Social Sciences


Spoken Word Poetry
Our after-school workshops are a low-key hangout led by a variety of poets and offer an opportunity to write, share and receive feedback.  *Sharing is OPTIONAL 
See Mrs Rowse in English


Art Club
A student-run art group. A place to create, enter art contests and plan art activities.
See Mrs Maifeleni in Art


50 cent Craft Club
It costs 50c each lunchtime you come along. Craft materials are supplied. 

Come learn a new skill and create with needle and thread, wire and beads, glue and shells, …... 

See Mrs Rae in Mathematics 

Student Librarians
Do you want to be a helper in the library?
See Mrs Kumar in English


Amnesty International
We are a global movement of individuals who protect human dignity and defend human rights.
See Mrs Kumar in English


Youth Health Council
The Youth Health Council (YHC) promotes Health and Wellbeing in our school and community. We want you and your loved ones to have healthy, long, and fulfilling lives. That starts with caring for yourself and role modelling health and wellbeing for others.
See Suzie King (Nurse) in the Health Centre


Key Club
Fundraising, giving back, raising awareness. These are some of the things we do in Key Club. Key Club is an international organization that aims to help youth build their passion to serve our wider community. We do fundraisers for charities, through food sales, money collections, and other fun activities. Come and join Key Club. You'll be trying something new, helping out the community, meeting new people through the school, all while having fun. 
See Mrs Raju in Science


Model United Nations Assembly (MUNA)
This is a political/leadership event that is held over two days, Friday/Saturday, and is a student version of a United Nations meeting between representatives of countries. There is a lot of preparation work to research your country and its world perspectives, so you must be very interested in world affairs. You must work with two other people from our school, who are in your country team. Schools from the Auckland and Northland regions will be there.
See Mr Mariner in Social Sciences


UN (United Nations) Youth Club
This is run by a High School Ambassador (HSA), whose role is to support UN Youth in achieving its vision to inspire students to have a positive impact on the world around them and to develop their skills to be able to make a difference. The UN Youth Club will organise in-school workshops and events and advocate for the values of engagement and tolerance.
See Dr Dobric (Senior Leadership) or Mr Mariner in Social Sciences


Robotics Club
This group is for people who are fascinated by robotics technology and how it can be used for fun and to develop skills for the future.
See Ms Petersen or Mr Halafihi in Digital Technology


Speech Club
The Speech Club caters for individuals who have an interest in public speaking. The birth of this club started last year. The core principle of CIA is essential in each meeting. Captivating, Integrity, Acknowledgement. Develop skills that will undoubtedly help you in real life applications. 
See Ms Yuretich in English


Debating Club
This club is brand new in 2022. It is for students who want to build the skills of communication through clearly structured arguments, explaining their own ideas and assessing different viewpoints. It also develops confidence, teamwork, academic discipline and presentation skills. Some students will be entered into inter-school competitions.
See Dr Dobric (Senior Leadership) or Mr Mariner in Social Sciences


Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award
The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award is the world's leading youth achievement award. Proven to help with job and study prospects, it transforms lives by creating opportunities for you to learn a new skill (or develop an existing one), get physically active, give service to your community, and take part in an adventure. The Award challenges you to leave your comfort zones—and that's when the good stuff happens. You build self-confidence and develop greater resilience, helping to set you up for success in today's uncertain world. Great to build new friendships as well.
See Ms Venter in the Health Centre, Ms Hart in Science or Dr Dobric (Senior Leadership)


Casual Table Tennis
Want to have a go at table tennis and develop some fun moves?
See Ms Bhaduri in Mathematics


Tech & Gadgets Club
Learn to use an electric drill, work a 3-D printer, and many other cool gadgets! Here’s your opportunity to get into the tech space and develop fun, new and useful skills!
See Mr Matanawa in Technology


Events Committee (Year 13)
This group helps to organise events such as the school ball and the Year 13 graduation dinner. Enjoy helping and planning? Join the committee!


Music – Stageband, Choir, String Group
See Ms Fagan, Mrs O’Neill, Mr Stickland or Mr Sulfa in Music


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