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There are three accommodation arrangement options available for international students who attend our school. 

  1. Living with a designated caregiver as arranged by the parents. 

  2. Homestays arranged for the student by the school. 

  3. Parents living with the student.

Designated Caregivers

Students may stay with a family member or close family friend known to the student’s parents. This person is called a Designated Caregiver and must be approved by the school after relevant safety checks. Students may NOT live alone, or in accommodation shared with friends, even if they are over 18.



The school is able to arrange homestay accommodation. The school appoints a homestay coordinator and they have a responsibility for the school’s compliance with the International Student Homestay Guidelines as produced by the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021. Their tasks include: 

  • Checking on the suitability of homestay families, including obtaining a police vet. 

  • Introducing students to their homestay families. 

  • Providing an orientation programme for students. 

  • Liaising with students and their homestay families on a regular basis. 

Accommodation Costs

Weekly accommodation cost includes room, all meals and laundry facilities but does not include transport costs and internet usage. If the school arranges the homestay there is an initial placement fee. 

  • If the student moves out of the homestay before the end of the contract the portion of homestay fees not already used will be returned. The homestay arrangement fee cannot be refunded. 

  • To have homestay fees returned, the student must write to the board of trustees giving two weeks’ notice, or pay two weeks’ fees in lieu of notice. 

  • If the student cancels their homestay contract before moving into the homestay, fees will be refunded in full less the homestay arrangement fee.

Interested in becoming a Homestay Caregiver?

Hosting an international student can be a rewarding experience for the whole family.  If you enjoy learning about other cultures, are an English speaking NZ Citizen or Permanent Resident, have a spare room and are willing to commit to caring for an international student, please contact: for further information about what it takes to become one of our homestay families.  

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