Digital Fluency at Papatoetoe High School


Papatoetoe High School is fully committed to embracing the digitally fluent culture of the 21st century and we understand the importance of enabling learners to achieve through individualised student centred and authentic learning opportunities.


In 2020 we mark the third year of our BYOD journey and all year 9 students are requested to bring their own device. The use of personal devices will expose our students to endless opportunities, allowing them to become confident and fluent digital citizens in a forever changing landscape.

Student User Agreement-Papatoetoe High School


When using information & communications technologies (ICT) at Papatoetoe High School I will always be a good digital citizen. I will do this by following the behavioural expectations of our school whilst using digital technologies.


Being Responsible

I will be a confident and capable user of ICT.

I know what I do and do not understand about the technologies that I use.

I will get help where I need it.

I will use ICT for learning as well as other activities.

I understand that technology can help me to learn. I also know it can also be used to talk to people, to buy and sell things and to have my opinion heard. I know when and where it is OK to do each one.

I will think carefully about whether the information I see online is true.

I know that it is easy to put information online. This means that what I see is not always right. I will always check to make sure information is real before I use it.

I will be able to speak the language of digital technologies.

When people talk online the things they say can be quite different from a conversation they might have if they were sitting next to each other. I know that I must try to understand what people are saying before I react to them. If I am not sure, I can ask them or someone else to explain.


Being Respectful

I will always use ICT to communicate with others in positive, meaningful ways.

I will always talk politely and with respect to people online. I know that it is possible to bully or hurt people with what I say and do on the internet. I will think about the effect that my actions have on other people.

I will be honest and fair in all of my actions using ICT. I will never do anything online that I know will hurt anyone. I will make sure what I do is not against the law. I will make sure that my actions don’t break the rules of the websites that I use. When I am not sure about what I am doing I will ask for help.

I will always respect people’s privacy and freedom of speech online.

I understand that some information is private. I will be careful when using full names, birthdays, addresses and photos of other people and of my own. I also know that I will not always agree with what people say online but that does not mean that I can stop them or use it as an excuse to be unkind to the


Being a Learner

I understand that I may experience problems when I use technology but that I will learn to deal with them.

I understand that there will be times when technology may not work as I expected it to, or that people may be mean or unkind to me online. When these things happen, I know that there are ways I can deal with it. I also know there are people I can go to, to get help if I don’t know what to do next.