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Student Voice

“I love to say that choosing Papatoetoe High School was the best decision that I have made. Papatoetoe High School has a controlled number of international students, so it provides you the best opportunity to grow in a new school as a foreign student. Therefore, it also means that you will receive good care and support individually.

Papatoetoe High School helped me grow day by day and gave me chances to take part in groups and activities at school. Being in some of the school groups gave me amazing experiences to see what New Zealand looks like. Papatoetoe High School has been such a great experience for me as an international student. The connection between student and teachers is very close. They made me feel like I am a part of the local students, not just an international student.”

Hana Tran, Year 13 2017.

Recipient of the International Students Award 2016 and 2017.

“Having the opportunity to be a student at Papatoetoe High School was a really memorable experience for me. At Pap High, I made friends with people from different cultures which is a big step for someone like me who wanted to form a connection with the world. I learned a lot more about this wonderful New Zealand, the kind people and the amazing environment. I highly recommend anyone to come to New Zealand to study and especially to join Papatoetoe High School for their wonderful teachers and friendly students.

Thank you, Papatoetoe High School, for being part of my precious memories and being helping hands in the growth of international students like me. Thank you for everything.”

Edward Vu, 2016.

“First, I was very nervous but it disappeared soon because I could make a lot of friends and teachers were so kind.  I spent a very wonderful 2 months in Papatoetoe High School!!!”


Rin Nakagawa, Term 1 2018

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