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What we do in the school

Our aim is to provide a holistic health care, and a range of health services to young people in partnership with their family/whanau. The nurses provide a comprehensive health service within the school, as well as health promotion, education and prevention services for students. There are three nurses  Jackie Venter (Lead Nurse) and Nikki Roy (Enrolled Nurse) . The service is private and confidential, but if harm is involved, there may be the need to discuss the issue with a third person.

If the nurse needs to call a student from class, a note will usually be sent via the office runner.

How we can support students and whānau

  • See students when they are unwell at school

  • Health checks for all year 9 students and new students to school (including vision and hearing)

  • Care planning and assistance with medical conditions as required

  • Rheumatic fever prevention programme/throat swabs for all students with a sore throat

  • Access to medical service

Open hours

The health centre is open from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday with an open door policy. There are various visiting health services available: Asthma Nurse Specialists, Physiotherapist, District Nurses, Smilecare dental, Doctors and nurses from the Centre for Youth health. Students are able to make appointments to see the school physio through the nurses or the sports co-ordinators.

How we prefer students and whānau to get in touch

Whānau and students can email us by clicking on the email icon on this page. Students and whānau can also drop in to see us, text or message through email, kamar and Microsoft teams.

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