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Whaitake – To be worthy, valid, have merit

The Papatoetoe High School way of maintaining a positive school climate 

At Papatoetoe High School we have three key behavioural expectations that fit under the heading of Whaitake:

Be Responsible

Be Respectful 

Be a Learner 


We expect our students to develop and demonstrate these behaviours throughout their time at our school. At Papatoetoe High School we like to recognise our students who are demonstrating the Whaitake behaviours. Our recognition system is outlined in the information below.

Recognition system


Students at our school are recognised for behaving in the expected manner in a number of ways:

  • verbal recognition from your teachers, 

  • whaitake points on Kamar 

  • top student at each level in each house getting the end of term badge for the most points earned, 

  • top of class certificates for those students each term who have demonstrated our expectations consistently, and 

  • Principal letters home for those students that have gone above and beyond the school expectations in some way.


Verbal Recognition 


The teaching staff will do their best to create a positive learning and school environment for the students. Teachers will be on the lookout for students who are demonstrating the behaviours of Whaitake and will use verbal recognitions to recognise students who are doing the right thing. 

Whaitake points using the KAMAR


Along with using the Whaitake points on the KAMAR, each term teaching staff will also identify a selected number of students in each of their classes who has consistently demonstrated exemplary Whaitake behaviours relating to “Be Responsible”, “Be Respectful”, and “Be a Learner”. The students who are identified by their teachers are awarded a top of class Whaitake certificate. 

Whaitake badges & Top Student at each year level


The Whaitake points contribute to an overall total that can lead to earning the top student at each year level in each House. These students are awarded end of term badges as indicated in the picture above. 

Principal letters


The top level of recognitions are Principal letters. These letters are reserved for students who go above and beyond the school behavioural expectations in some way. If a staff member feels they have witnessed or heard of a student going above and beyond the school behavioural expectations either within the school, or in the community, they should forward the students name, along with a short description the event, to the Principal who will consider writing and presenting a Principal letter to the student.

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