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Earth & Space Science (ESS)

Earth and Space Science explores the interconnections between the land, ocean, atmosphere and life of our planet. You will gain an understanding of New Zealand's geology, marine environment, weather systems, volcanoes, renewable energy and extra-terrestrial life.

The EES level 3 course is University Entrance (UE) approved and is suitable for studying towards a diploma or degree. 


Science – level 1

This SCI 1 course has been designed for those students who wish to take one or more of the specialist Sciences in Y12 and Y13 such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Earth & Space Science. The course covers the study of aspects of Acids & Bases, Genetic Variation and Mechanics, which are externally assessed in the end-of-year examinations.  Two internally assessed practical investigations are also offered in this course.

The SCA 1 course is comprised of only internally assessed standards. 



The study of living things, covering their physiology, anatomy, behaviour, origin and distribution around the world. Internally assessed standards will include investigating a pattern in an ecological community, researching adaptations of plants and animals to their way of life, practical biology investigations to demonstrate osmosis, integrating biological knowledge to develop an informed response to a socio-scientific issue and researching human homeostatic mechanisms.




As a senior Chemistry student you will delve into the chemical and physical properties of elements along with their trends. We will study Organic reactions and the correct conditions required for the reactions to occur.  Internally we will understand the nature of Redox reactions, read IR, mass spectra and Carbon NMR spectra to identify unknown substances. Students will research polymers as well as the difference between Hydrogen fuel cells and Fossil fuel cells.




This course is aimed at students who want to take Physics or a related subject at a tertiary level and further extends the concepts covered in the Level 2 course: Waves, Mechanics and Electricity & Elctromagnetism. In laboratory work more precise experimental skills are developed, including the analysis of experimental uncertainty.

2023 Course Standard Science
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