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Please complete the three-question survey for Student Progress Interview by Friday 2 June.

Parent Portal

Papatoetoe High School has a web based information site for students and parents (Student and Parent Portal) which will provide important and detailed information about your child’s progress at school.

Attendance to school and being on time, is something that we value greatly at Papatoetoe High School. Please be reminded that the parent portal is available for you to be able to check your child’s attendance and punctuality to school.


You can access the following information via our parent portal:

  • Contact details - (secondary caregiver and emergency contacts, medical details).

  • Timetable details - see your child's timetable on a day to day basis

  • Attendance records - see the attendance rates of your child and a lesson by lesson basis.

  • NCEA summary – includes details of the annual official NCEA results, a summary by year of all credits earned and an up-to-date table showing current qualification progress, full record of all NCEA assessment results.

  • All Results – all assessments for every year of enrolment.

  • Groups – groups that a student is involved in (current and previous years)

  • Reports – including archived reports from previous years.

  • Fees – a complete record of fees paid and due is shown.

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