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Scholarships & Academic


The Papatoetoe High School Academic Scholarships

Scholarship Terms and Conditions


Public Trust is the Trustee of the estate of Brent Lewis. 

In his Will, Mr Lewis provided for a committee to be formed

and grant scholarship awards to assist students at Papatoetoe

High School to further their tertiary education.  The awards are

to be known as “The Papatoetoe High School Academic Scholarship”.

Applicants should carefully consider the criteria which may be varied

from time to time.



Applications close annually on 30 September.

Successful applications will be announced at the senior prizegiving.

The information of our scholarships come up through social media, email, school newsletters and through teachers to remind students of scholarships.  

There is also a booklet that is printed, which students can pick up from G5, showing all available scholarships, criteria and application dates.  

Parents are welcomed to inquire about scholarships by contacting the Pathways and Transitions Advisor. 

For scholarships where the school nominates a candidate - appropriate staff are consulted to nominate suitable candidates. They are then assessed on scholarship criteria to choose the recipient. 



Applications are open to eligible students of Papatoetoe High School (the school).  To be eligible to apply the student must:


  • be a New Zealand Citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand

  • have a minimum of three-year secondary education at Papatoetoe High School

  • be currently enrolled at the school

  • intending to enrol in a full-time study in an undergraduate course at a New Zealand tertiary institute.



  1. The application form must be completed and handed to the school office by 30 September.

  2. Full course details including annual cost are to be provided.

  3. Past academic records must be supported by an essay (maximum 250 words) on “Why are you doing the course of study you have chosen, what is your intended career and what would you like to achieve with your qualification and in your career?”

  4. Students can go to the Careers office (G5)during the school day  to discuss and get assistance with all scholarships.  This is encouraged to ensure that the forms are filled out correctly.  Students can also contact the Pathways and Transition Advisor by email or text.  

Application forms

All scholarships are online and can be googled by the name of the scholarship.  All the names and links are provided in the scholarship booklet.  



  • Special consideration will be given to students who have shown a high level of academic achievement and who through personal or family circumstances would suffer financial hardship by undertaking tertiary education.

  • Applicants may be required to attend an interview.

  • The value of the scholarship may differ from year to year and may also differ between applicants.

  • The scholarship is a one-off scholarship and intended to assist the applicant with their first-year tertiary study costs.  Living costs and travel costs are not covered by the scholarship.

  • The committee reserves the right to withhold the payment of any amounts due under the scholarship in the event of the misconduct of any person holding the scholarship.



In most instances, payment will be made by the Public Trust direct to the education provider on proof/confirmation of enrolment.   If you require part of the payment to allow you to purchase books or computer, this will need to be broken down and clearly shown in your application



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