Streets in Papatoetoe High School enrolment zone (as at 22/08/2022)

Albert Rd

Alexander Ave

Allen Ave

Allenby Rd

Amersham Way

Atkinson Ave

Avis Ave

Bakerfield Pl

Ballance Ave

Barrie Ave

Bernard St

Birdwood Ave

Bisley St

Bledisloe St

Brett Ave

Brooklyn Ave

Brooksway St

Bruce Pl

Buckingham Cres

Butler Ave

Cambourne Rd

Cambridge Tce

Camden Pl

Carlie St

Carolyn St

Carruth Rd

Carters Ln

Caspar Rd

Cavendish Dr

Central Ave

Charles St

Clendon Ave

Coates Rd

Cornwall Rd

Coronation Rd

Davies Ave

Dennis Rd

Detro St

Dewan Ln

Dingwall Pl

Dreadon Ave

Dryden Ave

Dunnotar Rd

East Tamaki Rd – up to and including 116 (even) or 135 (odd)

Edney Pl

Edorvale Ave

Elizabeth Ave

Eric Baker Pl

Esperanto Rd    

Evelyn St

Ellen Ln

Fairview Rd

Fitzroy St

Fraser Rd

Freeman Way

Freyberg Ave

Fyfe Ave

Gladding Pl

Glasgow Ave

Glen Ave

Grande Vue Rd

Grantham Rd

Grayson Ave

Gt South Rd – Papatoetoe from 1 (odd) or 18 (even) in the north to 515 or 600 in the south (north of Wiri Stn Rd) inclusive.

Guide Pl

Hamilton Rd

Hayward Rd

Holden Pl

Holroyd Pl

Hoteo Ave

Hugo Ln

Huia Rd

Ihaka Pl

Isola Pl

Jack Conway Pl

Jennifer Pl

Kakaho Way

Kakapo Pl

Karoro Court

Kautami Ave

Keith Hay Dr

Kelliher Ln

Kimpton Rd

King St

Kingswood Rd

Kolmar Rd

Konini Ave

Lambie Dr

Landscape Rd

Leith Court

Leyton Way

Lipscombe Ave

Liverpool Ave

Lloyd Ave

McCauley Ln

McLean Ave

Mahon Pl

Mana Pl

Mangarata Ave

Margan Ave

Matuhi Grove

Matuku Pl

Maunu Rd

Mawkes Ln

Maxwell Ave

Meadowcourt Dr

Mepal Pl

Miles Ave

Morris Ave

Motatau Rd

Narek Pl

Nicholson Ave

Norfolk Pl

Norman Spencer Dr

Oakland Ave

Omagh Ave

Omana Rd

Onslow Ave

Orb Ave

Osterley Way

Otaki Lane

Overton Rd

Pamir Rd

Papahou Lane

Parera Pl

Parson Lane

Paton Ave

Pembroke St

Pettit Pl

Philip St

Plunket Ave

Plymouth Pl

Pukeko Pl

Puhinui Rd – up to and including 199 (odd) and 202 (even)

Putney Way

Ranfurly Rd

Rangitoto Rd

Ranum Rd

Reagan Rd up to and including 32 (west of motorway)

Reeves Ave

Regent St

Rex Ln

Richards Ave

Rito Pl

Ronwood Ave

Rose Rd

Ross Ave

Ryan Pl

St George St

Sanderson Ln

Scott Rd

Sean Fitzpatrick Place

Seddon Ave

Seymour Ave

Sharkey St

Shirley Rd

Simon Ln

Sohum Pl

Stafford Ave

Stonex Rd

Sunnyside Cres

Sutton Cres

Swaffield Rd to 27

Tavern Ln

Tavistock St

Thorn Pl

Timewell Ln

Trimmer Tce

Troon Pl

Tui Rd

Victoria Rd

Victory Rd

Wallace Rd

Warou Way

Warwick Ave

Watson Pl

Webster Ln

Wentworth Ave

Weston Ave

Wilmay Ave

Wilmshurst Ave

Windoma Circle

Winspear Pl

Wintere Rd

Wiri Station Rd – east of overbridge up to and including 154 (even) and 131 (odd).

Woolfield Rd

York Rd