E-Learning at Papatoetoe High School

At Papatoetoe High School we have spent recent years getting our staff and students used to working in a digital space. Students and staff are confident in the use of both Google and Microsoft platforms. However, our most preferred platform to work in is Microsoft office 365. Every student at our school has their own google account and office 365 account. With Microsoft office 365 each of our learners is able to download office on up to 5 devices. This then allows our learners to access all of the office apps anytime anywhere. 

Our preferred method of communication with students is using office 365. We communicate with them using Microsoft Outlook but teachers are also able to communicate well with their learners through Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom. 


Here are some links you may find useful on how to support learners in a digital space. 


Learning from Home 


Distance Learning with Microsoft Office 365


Distance Learning with Google Classroom



The Student/Parent Portal can be found via the Student or Parent pages at the top of the website.

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