Device Information for BYOD


Students entering year 9 in 2021 will need to bring their own device to school. As a school, we request that this device meets a list of minimum specifications. Please see the list below for the minimum requirements for devices at our school. 

Please visit this page for updates. 

  • Operating System-Microsoft Windows 10

  • Processor-Intel Core i3 Minimum

  • Main Memory (RAM)-4 GB minimum

  • Hard Disk Drive-200 GB minimum

  • Solid State Drive-128 GB minimum

  • External Ports-2 USB ports minimum

  • Wireless Adapter-Wi-Fi compatible-Required Specification 

                                       Wifi AC Compatible (dual band wifi)

  • Security-Up to date Anti-Virus

  • Battery-4-6 hrs battery life

  • Casing-Durable casing with keyboard

You can view suggested devices from our chosen providers by selecting below:

We are happy to be working closely with three main providers

If you have any queries or concerns around BYOD please see our information flyer here or contact the school by sending an email to


The Student/Parent Portal can be found via the Student or Parent pages at the top of the website.

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