Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do we get information about what devices are available?

A. At present, go to any of the providers that we have listed and ask for their recommended devices. Tell them which school you will be attending and they will know which devices to recommend for you.


Q. What do we do if the device gets damaged or lost?

A. It is a really good idea to take out insurance for your child's device, as this will take away any stress if damage or loss happens. Check with the providers about insurance options that they offer. Some offer to give you a spare device while you wait for yours to be fixed.


Q.How will my child charge their device at school?

A. The expectation is that all students come to school with their device already charged.


Q.Where will my child keep their device during the day?

A. We recommend that your child keeps the device with them during the day and ensures that they have a robust case and school bag to cater for this.


Q. How are the school going to approach the safe us of these devices in class?

A. The E-Learning team have been ensuring that both staff and students are equipped with resources and knowledge to implement BYOD at Papatoetoe High School. This includes the creation of teaching materials around the safe use of devices and our behavioural expectations around digital technology in our school.


Q. What do we do if we have concerns or questions about BYOD that are not answered here?

A. Please contact our team at if you have any other queries or concerns.



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