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Attendance and Absences

All students are required to attend school until they reach the age of 16. Any student that is absent from school for any reason must have this absence explained by their parent/caregiver as soon as possible.


Explanations for absences can be sent to student reception in advance, or can be sent on the day immediately following an absence (either by written note, email or phone call). Our text service allows parents/caregivers to respond to any absence text free of charge, and these responses are considered suitable notification. We ask that parents/caregivers inform the school about absence as quickly as possible and for each day a student is absent.


Any applications for leave, other than sickness, must be made to the Associate Principal in writing in advance of the leave period. Attendance is marked on a period basis and this data is stored electronically by the school. Parents are able to access attendance data for their children via the parent portal (see next page for detail) and a summary of attendance is included with each achievement and progress report.

Report an absence of student via the Report an Absence page.

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