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Apply to Study

  Documents to provide: 

    i. Copy of current passport or birth certificate. 

    ii. Latest school reports. 

    iii. Signed Declaration page. 

    iv. Further supporting documents may be uploaded with school reports, eg, a Principal's testimonial, public examination results (if applicable), evidence of English language ability. 

Note: All documentation must be English translations and certified as a copy of an original. Incomplete documentation will delay processing. 


The school will decide whether or not an application is accepted. Factors taken into consideration will include the applicant's suitability for study at the school, e.g. English language ability, previous school record, age (students over 18 will not be considered), accommodation availability and the number of places available in our international students' programme. 

 If the school accepts the application, an Offer of Place letter and invoice will be sent to the applicant. 



  If the applicant accepts the offer then the tuition fee will need to be paid to the school. A receipt and a confirmed Offer of Place will be issued immediately and this will be required to support the Student Visa  Application.    



The applicant's position at the school will be confirmed on receipt of approval by Immigration that the Student Visa is granted. 

Insurance details are to be sent on notification of a visa being granted and travel arrangements being confirmed. 

On arrival at the school the student is required to complete a school enrolment form and sit a literacy and numeracy test before being placed in the appropriate subjects. 

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