Preliminary Exams 11-22 August
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Welcome to Papatoetoe High School

NEW: Papatoetoe High School has introduced a web based information site for a parents and caregivers to access up to date details for their child. Access to this site is via the link below.

Student Information Site for Parents and Caregivers


Any queries regarding this site can be referred to the SMS Administrator, Mrs M Scott, smsadmin@papatoetoehigh.school.nz or phone 278 4086.

Papatoetoe High School is a co-educational year 09–13 state secondary school that has more than 50 years of history and tradition. Set in just over eleven hectares of attractively presented grounds in the Papatoetoe Ward of the City of Manukau, the school offers multi-level programmes to a school population which reflects the overall mix of New Zealand society.

The school’s facilities provide best for no more than about 1820 students who are in the care of over 170 teaching and non-teaching staff. The staff enjoy a mix of youth and experience and are involved in a wide range of professional development opportunities to continue to provide the best for the students in their care.  The staff have also encouraged participation in a wide range of out-of-class activities which help to make the school a more enjoyable place in which to seek an education. 

Papatoetoe High School is accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 to provide education and training based on the National Qualifications Framework in all conventional school subjects.



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