School Zone and Enrolment Forms

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Out of Zone Enrolments have now closed.


Enrolment Procedures

The following documentation is to be provided by the student:

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of address (recent telephone or power account only)
  • Birth Certificate (and passport if not born in New Zealand) 

For applications for years 10-13 the following will also be requested

  • A copy of the student's latest school report
  • Details of their previous school - (for requesting information on the student)

Enrolment applications will only be confirmed once all details and documentation have been checked by Papatoetoe High School staff. For students currently at a secondary school, this process takes at least four school days, and students will be informed when the enrolment is confirmed or if there is further information that we require.

To be considered as being "in-zone" a student's confirmed address must be within the school zone on enrolment date (i.e. the first day of attending the school). Students who use a temporary address to gain a place at the school or who provide false information on the enrolment form will have their enrolment annulled.  Note: If the usual place of residence for a student differs from the parents'   address(es) then the application will be challenged.


The 2014 School Year

Term dates, bell times, contacts
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Enrolment Scheme

In accordance with the Education Act 1989, the Ministry of Education has informed Papatoetoe High School board of trustees that it is their view that the school continues to need an enrolment scheme to avoid overcrowding. 

The schools scheme is designed with the following objectives:

  • To avoid overcrowding in the school
  • To recognise our historical home zone
  • To provide students living in a stated home zone an automatic right to enrol at the school
  • To provide opportunities for enrolment, where possible, to those not living in the stated home zone
  • To enable the school to plan and staff effectively

The board will delegate to the principal the authority to act as the board's agent in the decision making process, though the board reserves the right to examine any special circumstances and make its own judgement.

Home Zone Enrolments
The zonal boundaries provide a home zone for enrolments. Any student whose current place of residence is in this home zone is entitled to enrol at the school. 

A link to the Ministry of Education's school zones website is on our links page.

Out of Zone enrolments
There will be no automatic right of entry for any student living outside the home zone. However the board will make available out of zone places of a number such that the optimum school roll will not be exceeded or appear likely to be exceeded at the time the decision is made.

There will be no guaranteed acceptance for siblings of present or former pupils of the school.

Pre Enrolment
Each year the board of trustees will:

  • Determine a period during which applications for enrolment will be accepted for the following year;
  • Develop procedures to be followed in the application process;
  • Specify the information which parents may be required to supply in support of an application for enrolment for the following year.

Applications will be accepted in terms of this scheme once it has been notified in accordance with Section 11G(6) of the Education Act 1989

Home Zone
The home zone is the area enclosed by the following boundaries:

  • To the east, by the southern motorway
  • To the south, by Wiri Station Road
  • To the west, by the railway line
  • To the north, following the southern edge of the Grange Golf Course from number 27 Swaffield Road, up the eastern edge of the golf course to the intersection of Great South Road and Motatau Road. Then from Motatau Road to the Southern Motorway.